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Suzuki Celerio 1.0i

The Celerio is more than just a car! It’s the kind of daily companion that evokes XL emotions of satisfaction, happiness and absolute joy. It may be a small car in size but it’s packed with a BIG personality.

Equipped to change the way you drive your daily life, this XL Small car is Xtra roomy, comfortable, and spacious and will take you the extra mile with its class-leading XL fuel efficiency of 4.6l per 100kms. If you crave more from life, the Celerio’s automatic manual transmission (Auto Gear Shift) feature allows you to experience the ease of an automatic with the fuel efficiency of a manual; and if you feel like switching to manual transmission then hey, go XL – because you can.

The Celerio takes the proverb ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ to a whole new level. This superb piece of engineering may be small in body, but it’s loaded with big ideas, and huge potential to make everyday life richer and much more fun.

Suzuki’s newly-developed Auto Gear Shift manual transmission features an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator, that does all the hard work of operating the clutch. Not only does it improve fuel consumption, it also keeps the fun-to-drive characteristics of a manual transmission.

Enjoy extra mileage with only 4.7 litres per 100km on the manual transmission model, and 4.6 litres per 100km on the Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) model.

Model Price
Celerio 1.0i GA ManualR 149,900.00
Celerio 1.0i GL ManualR 167,900.00
Celerio 1.0i GL AutoR 181,900.00

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