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Suzuki Ciaz 1.5

The red carpet is being rolled out for the all-new Suzuki Ciaz!

This elegant, full-sized family sedan encompasses a powerful mix of sophisticated features, incredible interior and boot space, fuel efficiency, safety and value. Not only does its style make the lights turn green, but the Ciaz’s quiet confidence and bold stance reveal a kind of attitude that defies norms. Whether it’s the manual transmission or the automatic variant, it is at the heart of the Ciaz that lies a highly efficient 1.5 engine that delivers robust performance without compromising fuel-efficiency.

Make way South Africa, once you’re behind the wheel of the Ciaz, the only thing ahead of you is an open road.

The new generation K14B VVT engine delivers both dynamic performance and fuel-efficiency. It incorporates new cylinder head and piston design for better efficiency and the VVT system, which optimises intake valve timing for better performance. Paying special attention to reducing friction in engine components further enhances the fuel-efficiency. This also contributes to smooth running and reduced engine noise.

The Ciaz blends the elegance of its curves with the boldness of its stance. While its exceptionally classy design elements like projector headlamps add a touch of sophistication, its lean yet expansive body creates a distinct impression.

Infusing a spacious and relaxing feel, the ergonomically designed cabin and seats of the Ciaz provide unmatched comfort in both the front and the rear.

Model Price
Ciaz 1.5 GL ManualR 229,900.00
Ciaz 1.5 GL AutoR 245,900.00
Ciaz 1.5 GLX ManualR 262,900.00
Ciaz 1.5 GLX AutoR 277,900.00

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