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Isuzu D-MAX Extended Cab

  • A 2.5 litre D-MAX engine with 100 kW of power @3600r/min with maximum torque of 320 Nm available from 1800-2800 r/min. Fuel consumption for the combined cycle is 7,6 l/100 km with C02 emissions of 199 gm/km.
  • An advanced 3,0 litre D-MAX engine that now has maximum power of 130 kW – up by 10 kW – with 380 Nm of torque. This is an ideal towing solution.

Fuel consumption measured over the combined cycle is 7,7 l/100km for 4X2 models and 7,9 l/100km for the 4×4 variants – measured by GMSA engineers. C02 emissions are 204 gm/km with low sulphur diesel specified.

The 6th Generation Isuzu KB has been designed with towing in mind. All models have the facility to have a towbar with a 2,1 ton capacity, installed as an dealer fitted accessory. The towbar has been designed to integrate into the rear step bumper minimizing the impact on the departure angle particularly for off road motoring. All Isuzu KB 300 LX models can be fitted with a heavy duty towbar allowing a class leading towing capacity of 3,5 tons (please note that at this capacity, the trailer requires service brakes).

The Isuzu D-MAX is renowned for it’s on-road comfort, stability and handling as well as it’s off-road capability due to the excellent suspension articulation. It has a new wider and longer chassis design, an increased wheelbase and track, a lower center of gravity and an improved seating position placing the driver in a more commanding position. All the High Ride and 4X4 models have an approach angle of 30 degrees and a departure angle of 22,7 degrees with a rear step bumper. The break-over angle for these models is 22,4 degrees.

The Isuzu D-MAX has established a legendary reputation for off-road performance. On the latest generation Isuzu D-MAX the driver is able to select from a number of four wheel driving modes using the Terrain Command Dial. The 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive high ratio change can be done on the fly and at speeds of up to 100km/h. The vehicle, as with all 4X4 vehicles, must be stopped to change to the extreme condition 4L (low-range) mode. This selection is also initiated via the Terrain Command Dial.

All LE and LX models, as well as the 4X4 Hi-Rider models, have a driver activated differential lock as standard equipment, this is operated by an easily accessed push-button switch. The Electronic Differential lock system allows engagement at vehicle speeds below 60km/h, and automatically disengages when the vehicle speed exceeds 80km/h.

When it comes to payload capacity the Isuzu D-MAX is again at the top of the class with the LX 300 4X2 Extended Cab capable of carrying a payload of 1179 kg. This is reflected across the entire range, from entry level models to mid to high range diesel double and single cab models all with excellent load capacity. The lowest payload specified in the range is for the KB 250 D-MAX Extended Cab 4X2 which is rated at 1133 kg.

Model Price
D-MAX 300 EXTENDED CAB LXR 505,500.00
D-MAX 300 EXTENDED CAB LX A/TR 521,700.00
D-MAX 300 EXTENDED CAB LX 4X4R 576,000.00

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