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Suzuki Jimny 1.5

The strong and unique style of the Jimny is built on 40 years of rugged 4X4 adventure. The Jimny is extremely driver friendly. On the road and in the rough, its high-performance features make handling easy for professionals and novices alike. Where you point, the Jimny follows.

Compact dimensions help you slip through heavy traffic and into small parking spaces with ease, while off the beaten track they help you squeeze between boulders and trees. Unbeaten paths that would challenge other vehicles are an absolute breeze in the Jimny. You’ll climb hills with confidence thanks to generous approach and departure angles. Drive action 4×4 with low range and excellent traction enhanced by excellent wheel articulation. You could say it has 4X4XFUN in its DNA.

In 1968, Suzuki introduced to the world the concept of rugged and lightweight 4X4s that could go anywhere and do almost anything. The world has been having heaps of fun with them ever since. Many South Africans have experienced the giant-killing capabilities of the SJ-series and Samurai. The new Jimny, now also in the automatic transmission, is improved in every aspect – from the modern interpretation of the SJ-front grille to the ride, comfort and performance.

Unlike the ‘soft-roaders’ that try and compete with it, the Suzuki Jimny has all the attributes of a true 4x4. Its sturdy three section ladder frame chassis means it can handle the toughest going.

Don’t let the Jimny’s size fool you. This retro-styled vehicle has plenty of room for four occupants and you can fold down the rear seats to give you heaps of flat storage space for your gear or whatever you need to float your boat. There is no mistaking the strong and unique style of the Jimny, built on more than 40 years of rugged 4x4 adventure!

Model Price
Jimny 1.5 GA ManualR 299,900.00
Jimny 1.5 GLX ManualR 335,900.00
Jimny 1.5 GLX AutoR 356,900.00

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