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Suzuki Swift 1.2i + 1.4T

More styling. More space. More driving. More performance. Simply put: More Swift.

A philosophy aimed at evolving the already successful Swift into a car that’s improved on every level. If you’re looking for a car that’ll fit in with your values and complements your fast-paced lifestyle, the Swift is the complete package. From the minute you open the door and sit inside, dynamic performance and energy exude from every angle in the cabin.

Suzuki took one of the world’s sportiest hatchbacks and turned it into a vehicle with sprightly performance. While being sensitive to the ecosystem, a fuel-efficient vehicle was produced for drivers to appreciate and for the environment to love. There’s a Swift for everybody!

Performance and comfort go hand in hand in the Swift. A generously roomy, people-friendly interior ensures the relaxation you need to focus on enjoying the drive.

The Swift 1.2 Hatch is powered by a 1.2 litre four-cylinder engine with a maximum power output of 62kW at 6000 r/min, and combined-cycle fuel consumption of 5.3l / 100km

The Swift DZire and Swift 1.2 Hatch are not only designed to be driven but also to be thoroughly enjoyed. High-level features and easy-on-the-eye good looks mean nothing without the driving pleasure and performance to match. This ultra-responsive vehicle is also coupled to one of the most fuel efficient engines in its class.

It’s bold, unapologetic, and turbo charged. The new Swift Sport will give you the edge you need to jump ahead, if you’re ready for it. With all its power and striking looks, you’d better get used to standing out, and stepping up. There’s only one way to drive the Swift Sport.

Maximum Torque: The Swift Sports boasts highly responsive acceleration thanks to the newly installed downsized turbo engine’s powerful 230Nm torque. Choose between a smooth shifting six-speed manual transmission or a brisk accelerating six-speed automatic transmission.

Handling and Traction: The Swift Sport’s HEARTECT Platform features a high-rigidity frame to enhance collision safety and heighten driving performance, while its light 970kg weight advances driving stability.

Safety and Utility: Suzuki’s safety technology supports you in emergency situations, while our convenient utility features provide ample luggage and storage space.

The third generation Swift Sport comes with a compact 1.4 BOOSTERJET direct injection turbo engine. The intercooled turbocharger forces pressurised air into cylinders and enables the engine to maximise torque in the low engine rev range, even at 2500rpm. The wastegate valve controls turbo boost pressure by opening or closing the gate, dramatically quickening response and lowering fuel consumption.

The smooth-shifting six-speed manual transmission maximises the performance of the compact turbo engine. Shifting is sporty, with just the right resistance, thanks to short shift strokes and the adoption of a third-gear, double-cone synchroniser. The six-speed automatic transmission with optimised gear ratios enables brisk acceleration and sporty performance. Paddle shifters make shifting quick at your fingertips


Model Price
Swift 1.2i GA ManualR 171,900.00
Swift 1.2i GL ManualR 189,900.00
Swift 1.2i GL AutoR 204,900.00
Swift 1.2i GL Manual (SE)R 202,900.00
Swift 1.2i GLX ManualR 208,900.00
Swift 1.2i GLX Auto R 224,900.00
Swift 1.4T Manual R 327,900.00
Swift 1.4T AutoR 347,900.00

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